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Brantford Gutter provides high-quality, affordable gutter guard installation services for residential and commercial properties in Brantford, ON.

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Affordable Gutter Guard Services in Brantford

Welcome to Brantford Gutter, the best gutter guard installers in Brantford, Ontario. Our company is fully trained and equipped to install leaf guards on your entire gutter system in one thorough visit. We strive to provide our clients with the best gutter guard services, which begin with affordable pricing, quality workmanship, and a detailed installation process.


Before we begin the installation, we inspect your home to determine the need for any repairs and whether you require 4", 5", or 6" gutter guards. Afterward, we clean your eavestroughs to ensure nothing is left in your rain gutters before we mount your leaf covers.


We measure each section and trim the corner pieces on-site to ensure a perfect fit and prevent debris from entering. Finally, we drill the gutter guards into place after clipping them onto the gutter. Whether you live near the Canadian Military Heritage Museum or D'Aubigny Creek Park, we can make the commute.

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Residential gutter protection system Brantford.  Residential gutter guard installation brantford
Brantford Aluminum Gutter Guard Installation.  Gutter guard installation brantford cost

Benefits of Brantford Gutter Guards

If you're tired of cleaning your eavestroughs every year, we have a solution for you! Annual gutter cleaning is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Installing gutter guards eliminates the yearly chore of cleaning eavestroughs. With the help of Brantford Gutter, you can save money and enjoy more benefits with leaf guards! Contact us today to learn more about our gutter guard installation Brantford cost.

Types of Gutter Guard System

  • Foam guards
  • Micro mesh gutter guard system
  • Brush leaf guards
  • Aluminum covers

About Brantford Gutter

As a local company, we prioritize quality work and customer satisfaction. We work with care and diligence to deliver the best quality gutter installs, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether a three-story gutter guard system project or a small repair job, you can trust Brantford Gutter to complete it on time.

When choosing our gutter contractors, you invest in quality and dedication. Each of our eavestrough installers has been professionally trained and insured. We come prepared with all the proper tools and equipment to install your rain gutter protection system. Our workmanship is unmatched.

High-Quality Services

We guarantee high-quality gutter protection made of the premium screen and aluminum materials.

On-Site Custom Fitting

Every guard is custom fitted on-site to match your property perfectly. Custom fitting avoids leaks caused by an improperly installed eavestrough.

Worry-Free Installation

Our team handles everything from taking measurements and ordering supplies to completing the project.

Types of Gutter Guards

When it comes to leaf guards, there are many different kinds. While they all work to keep gutters unclogged, certain covers are better in different environments. We can proudly say that we have the best residential gutter guard installation Brantford.

leaf covers
gutter helmets.  Gutter guard installation brantford cost
aluminum guards.  Residential gutter guard installation brantford
mesh gutter guards

Our Brantford Gutter Guard Installation Process

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we strive to make our gutter guard Brantford service as easy and stress-free as possible. To ensure all our client's needs and expectations are met, we work closely and keep them updated throughout the process. Our team handles everything from taking measurements to purchasing and installing products to ensure a smooth project. 


We value our customer's needs and will gladly provide a free estimate for installing a gutter guard system.


We will schedule a date that works for you once the quote is finalized. This process is easy, and we take care of everything.


Our gutter contractors arrive on schedule and get right to work. Before we leave, we conduct a thorough quality check.


We are happy to address any questions you may have. Payment is made once our clients are satisfied. We hope to see you again soon.

Additional Gutter Services We Offer

Affordable, Corrosion-Resistant Gutter Protection System

Eavestrough installation

Eavestrough cleaning

Soffit and fascia repair

Gutter repair

Service Areas

Brantford is a city in Ontario, Canada, founded on the Grand River in Southwestern Ontario. It is surrounded by Brant County and offers a thriving and growing local economy built on excellent employment opportunities.

Brantford Gutter provides the entire city with eavestrough installation, gutter cleaning, and gutter guard installation services. We service all of Brant Country and Brantford, Ontario, including Fairview, Tranquility, Holmedale, West Brant, Eagle Place, Tutela Heights, Terrace Hill, Echo Place, Brant, Paris, and St George.

Brantford Aluminum Gutter Guard Installation.  Gutter guard installation brantford cost

Best Gutter Protection System in Brantford, Ontario

We strive to be the best gutter guard installers in Ontario. With our quality work and customer satisfaction, we are making that happen. Contact us today to learn more about our gutter guard installation Brantford cost. Check out our blog to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We're here to help!

Are Brantford gutter guards worth the investment?

People often ask us, should you get gutter guards installed on your house? There are many theories about gutter protection, like whether it works, is a waste of money, and is a good investment. The truth is that specific gutter guard systems work exceptionally well, but they are only necessary for some homes, and no single leaf guard is superior.


Our Brantford eavestrough specialists strongly recommend installing gutter guards, especially if your property has a lot of low-hanging trees near your roof. They can save you a lot of money when properly installed on the right home by:

  • No clogged gutters (save money on cleanings)
  • Prevents roof damage
  • It helps protect against ice dams
  • Prevents water damage caused by overflowing rain gutters

What is the cost to install gutter guards?

Installers charge for gutter protection by the linear foot, plus fees and labor. With the average home requiring approximately 200 linear feet of materials, gutter guard installation in Brantford costs between $900 and $2,000.

If you choose to install them yourself, gutter guards can be purchased throughout Vancouver, BC at The Home Depot, Roofmart, and Brantford Home Hardware.

How do Brantford gutter guards work?

Gutter guards are based on the simple but powerful scientific principle of liquid adhesion. This principle allows rainwater to flow around the hood and into the gutter while deflecting leaves and other debris, ensuring that the channel never becomes clogged. They are typically made of aluminum and have small holes on the top, but they also come in various styles.

What is the most effective type of gutter guard?

While this differs between climates and environments, mesh or micro-mesh gutter guards are known to be the most effective because they offer optimal filtration from various sizes of debris. Similar to a screen guard, these leaf guards have a compact design that blocks more debris, including smaller leaves like pine needles.

What are the benefits of leaf guards?

Five benefits of leaf guards:

  1. Prevents clogs and blockages
  2. Reduces maintenance and cleaning
  3. Extends the life of your gutters
  4. Improves water quality
  5. Enhances curb appeal

Will installing gutter guards cause my gutters to rust or deteriorate faster?

Yes, improperly installed gutter guards can trap moisture against the gutters, causing rust or accelerated deterioration. This risk can be reduced by using high-quality materials and having a professional install them.

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Brantford Gutter provides high-quality, affordable gutter cleaning for commercial and residential properties in Brantford, ON.

Proudly serving Brantford, Ontario including Tranquility, Fairview, Terrace Hill, Cainsville, West Brant, Eagle Place, Tutela Heights, Paris, Burford, and Mt Pleasant.

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